PARK HILL - Hunter's Home will commemorate Black History Month with programming that gives voice to the enslaved residents of the home.

During February, visitors can join the "Life at Hunter's Home" Facebook group. This online offering is a way to engage with the site's events and programs virtually while keeping safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. February programming will feature many of the people who lived and performed slave labor on the plantation, such as Susan, Ike, Nelson, Eliza, and many others who made their lives at Hunter's Home in the years before the Civil War.

In February, those who sign up for the Facebook group will learn more about the skills shown by the enslaved people of Hunter's Home, as well as take a look at how they may have defined their work and lives. Research about the enslaved people of Hunter's Home is ongoing, using documentation from George Murrell, family diaries, and the freedman rolls.

Videos available through the Facebook group will include site tours, through which online visitors can learn more about the enslaved people who carried out the farm and domestic work at the plantation. Videos also will present everyday life on the plantation. Many Black women, including enslaved women and free women of color, wore head wraps to protect their hair. A presentation of specific styles or wraps also will be a part of February's programming.

The cost for all-access to the "Life at Hunter's Home" Facebook group for the month of February is $10. To register, call 918-456-2751 or come by the site, 19479 E. Murrell Home Road, Tuesday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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