JACKSON, Kentucky – While sharing his and his wife’s experiences with teams in Haiti and during deputation, revival services and mission conferences in the United States, many asked that Brian K. Rauschenberger write a book with some of their life events and mission stories. It is for this reason that he now writes “Lessons in Faith: A Missionary Couple’s Journey of Learning to Live by Faith in Every Facet of Life,” which has been published by WestBow Press.

This book shares a couple’s journey of biblical faith illustrated with personal stories that challenged their trust in God. The chapters each take one aspect of biblical faith with Scripture illustrated by their life experiences. Haiti is the stage for their ministry.

“One of the greatest joys in the lives of my wife, Jamie, and me was the years we spent in the country of Haiti serving our Lord Jesus. We learned so much. Perhaps the most significant thing we learned was how to live by faith. We lived every day by faith,” said Rauschenberger. "And, although I know many have had God show them these truths as well, I can only share what I know God has shown me. I hope it speaks to you and inspires you to greater depths of faith.”

The experiences shared by the couple in this book hopes to encourage people to trust God no matter what situation they are going through.

“A strong faith in God can lead you, guide you, sustain you, and strengthen you,” Rauschenberger said.

“Lessons in Faith: A Missionary Couple’s Journey of Learning to Live by Faith in Every Facet of Life” is available in hardcover, softcover, and e-book editions from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Rauschenberger and his wife, Jamie, live near Jackson, Kentucky, where they serve as pastor of Mount Carmel Community Church and assistant administrator of Mount Carmel School. They have served as missionaries to the people of Haiti for over 20 years. They regularly share in mission and ministry conferences and church revivals. Brian has visited 16 countries and territories around the globe and has had the privilege of preaching in most of them. He is heard weekly on several radio stations in Haiti, through his radio program Faith in Focus International, and on his YouTube channel Haitian Hearts for Holiness, where he continues his preaching and teaching ministry to the Haitian people in their Creole language.

To those who are interested in his speaking at upcoming events, holding a revival for a church or knowing more about Mount Carmel School, contact him at pastorbrian@faithnfocus.org.

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