OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Educational Television Authority kicks off a new season of its local programs with the premieres of “Gallery America” and “Back in Time.”

New host of “Gallery America,” Robert Reid, catches up with Tyson Meade, an artist, performer, songwriter and musician residing in Oklahoma City’s Plaza District. Meade is a staple of Oklahoma’s alternative rock music scene and may be best known for his band, Chainsaw Kittens. While his musical endeavors never achieved commercial success, he has received much critical acclaim over the years.

“Tyson's zest to create is an irresistible spectacle," remarks Reid. "Watching him throw paint at a plywood canvas, or scratching it with a twig, reminded me of the same energy he took to the stage with the Chainsaw Kittens."

To date, Meade has been a part of several bands, recorded many albums, taught English as a second language in China, ran for Congress, and now he paints. Learn more about Oklahoma’s godfather of alternative rock Thursday, July 2, at 7 p.m.

The team behind “Back in Time,” OETA’s documentary series on Oklahoma history, illuminates the remarkable lives of three Oklahomans in its third installment of “Names You Should Know.”

The first person highlighted is Kate Barnard, the first woman in Oklahoma to hold elected office in state history. She was elected to the position of commissioner of Charities and Corrections in 1906 as a part of the Constitutional Congress.

Moman Pruiett, a dubious lawyer in Pauls Valley, is the second noteworthy name. From 1900 to 1935, Pruiett defended 343 persons accused of murder, 304 were acquitted, 38 were convicted of lesser charges while his one conviction was commuted by President McKinely. He was so successful he was called “The Murder’s Messiah.”

Finally, Vanesa Jennings of Fort Cobb explains how she preserves and teaches the Kiowa language and the traditions of her ancestors. Her beadwork creations are so beautifully crafted that the National Endowment for the Arts has dedicated her as a National Living Treasure.

“Back in Time: Names You Should Know - 3” premieres Thursday, July 9, at 7 p.m.

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