'Oklahoma Gardening' season begins

Casey Hentges, host of "Oklahoma Gardening," left, and Lily Brock, editor and videographer, work on new episodes of the popular gardening program.

STILLWATER - Green-thumbed Oklahomans don't have to wait for good weather to jump into a new season of "Oklahoma Gardening" which started Feb. 13.

"Oklahoma Gardening" airs every Saturday morning at 11 a.m. and Sunday afternoons at 3 p.m. on local OETA-TV (PBS) channels across the state. Viewers who are unable to watch on TV can subscribe to the "Oklahoma Gardening" YouTube channel and see shows or search for specific segments.

Casey Hentges, host of the longest-running gardening show on television, said the 47th season will introduce viewers to new topics and revisit some old favorites.

"Like every gardener, we're anticipating longer days and warmer temperatures soon, and we're getting excited as we see the spring bulbs emerging from the soil," Hentges said. "While some of our programming had to change last season due to the pandemic and travel restrictions, one thing that didn't change is everyone's interest in gardening. We'll continue to be the go-to source for timely gardening information for gardeners of all skill levels."

Last season's lineup had plans for a Southwest Oklahoma Garden Tour, but the pandemic guidance put the brakes on it. Regardless of whether Hentges and producers are able to go about the state, they will still feature home and public gardens.

"Even if we can't travel like we're hoping, we have lots of new development at The Botanic Garden at Oklahoma State University that we're looking forward to showcasing," she said. "Some of that new development includes a backyard demonstration garden, thanks to a generous donation from the Noble Research Institute."

The demonstration garden will consist of two 40-by-40-foot yards that will be filled with various styles of raised beds. One yard will feature a hobby greenhouse; the other will have a hobby hoop house.

Hentges said she is looking forward to producing many educational segments for the show to provide new ideas for homeowners growing vegetables and ornamentals in their backyards.

Gardening can provide so much to the gardener: food, comfort, therapy, fitness, and a community of fellow gardeners. Hentges said there are as many reasons to garden as there are ways to do it, and a person's style of garden can change as life changes.

"I used to have a lot of houseplants, but now with two toddlers running around, I have a low-maintenance garden outside, and the houseplants have found new homes. Perhaps you've bought a new house and are looking forward to landscaping. Maybe you live in an apartment with limited outdoor space. With parents staying home to help kids with online school during the pandemic maybe you're looking for educational projects related to a backyard garden," she said. "With the 2021 season, we look forward to exhibiting how gardening can be a life preserver during uncertain times, and we'll to address all the various method of gardening that fit different lifestyles."

Check out the "Oklahoma Gardening" website, www.oklahomagardening.okstate.edu, for clips, links to resources, a link to recipes featured on the show, and more.

The Botanic Garden at OSU is the home of the "Oklahoma Gardening" studio garden, and is located west of Stillwater on the north side of Highway 51. The show is produced by OSU Extension, OSU's Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture and Agricultural Communications Services.

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