Photography, mini horses both passions for Mayfield

Chloe Mayfield, 16, has been taking animal and nature photographs for two years.

Chloe Mayfield, 16, said she was raised in a creative household, and she has been taking animal and nature photographs for two years.

“My mom and dad are musicians, and my brother and grandpa John Guthrie are artists like myself,” she said. “My family and I have lived in Cherokee County most of my life and are members of Cherokee Nation.”

Her parents are Farren Lance Mayfield and Angela Bowden. They live in the 7-mile part of Fort Gibson, which is in Cherokee County.

Her brother and grandpa, both named Farren, are inspirations to her.

Mayfield attends Fort Gibson Public Schools, and she will soon start studying graphic design at Indian Capital Technology Center.

She uses a Nikon 3400 camera, and her studio is the barn at Little Cherokee Horses in Tahlequah.

“My main subjects are actually my animals. After they’re put in and fed in the evening, I go around and take their pictures. They love to pose for me and it’s usually what I want. I don’t even have to ask them,” said Mayfield.

Some of the joys of photography for her include spending time with her mini horses and the freedom she has.

“I don’t have to follow any instructions on what it needs to look like,” said Mayfield. “It’s my favorite way to express myself.”

Mayfield’s past projects include “Cat Tail,” “Mystic Coco,” and “Tree of Life,” which are all for sale at Tahlequah Creates.

The current projects she is in the process of printing and framing include “Cactus of New Mexico,” “White Sands,” and “Cow and her Calf.” Future projects are “Reflection of Piano in Skylight.”

“My advice to someone considering the creative path: There’s a bunch of different things you can do! The best part is you can leave it to your imagination for most things,” said Mayfield.

When she goes on vacation, Mayfield makes sure to take her camera. She also enjoys drawing.

“Something most people don’t know about me is I’m an equine therapist,” said Mayfield.

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