HEAVENER - The Heavener Runestone Steampunk Festival is 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday-Sunday, June 8-9, in Heavener Runestone Park, 18365 Runestone Road.

Steampunk tends to involve historical settings, such as the Victorian era, and feature steam-powered machinery or science fiction-inspired technology.

The event will have merchants, blacksmiths, a bounce house, music, a bounty hunt for children to round up those on wanted posters for a small prize, and more. Saturday will feature a costume contest at 1 p.m., and the public is encouraged to dress up. There also will be tea dueling Saturday. Tea dueling is where two people dip tea biscuits in a cup of tea for 15 seconds. They then hold the cookie upright and the first cookie to crumble loses.

Throughout the weekend there will be presentations discussing the history of various items such as blacksmithing, swordsmanship of the Victorian era, and more. Tea dueling and presentations will be in the Community Building. An exposition of gadgets and gizmos will be on display in the building and an hour-long course on how to make a top hat each day for $15 will be held. The instructor will provide all materials. The field area will have old-school yard games, archery and ax throwing available. A number of steampunk-related performers are set to attend.

Stephen Sanders has been an award-winning, published poet since 2000. He has published four books of poetry and his work can be found in numerous anthologies, periodicals, several CDs and around the web. In 2013, he turned his sights on steampunk. Crafting a Steampunk poetry aesthetic, Sanders published "Songs for a Mechanical Age: A Volume of Steampunk Poetry."

Gan Ainm is a band from north Texas area specializing in country dance music from the British Isles. They also provide music for pub sing-a-longs and other occasions. The group is a collective of performers from a number of different local bands and individual musicians, each with skills they bring in terms or music, lane and stage performances. They have recorded two albums, with the latest, "GanAinmous," released in 2017. The group sets the mood for dramatic moments, whether horror, comedy, adventure or some strange avant-garde French cinema.

The Steampunk Pope, His Radiance, Brother Barnabas Brass-Boilerplate, will be attending to bless the launching of this new steampunk gathering. There's also papal indulgences, vow renewals, a wedding (with proper paperwork) and other various Mystical Order of the Aethernaught Brotherhood blessings for attendees and vendors alike.

Jonathan Marshall, as well as others, will also perform.

The cost is $5 per person, with children 5 and under free. All proceeds go to keep the park open. Parking is available at Heavener High School. Handicap accessible shuttles will transport visitors to the park. For more information, call 918-653-2241 or email heavenerrunestonepark@gmail.com. Visit the park's website at heavenerrunestonepark.com.