Locust Grove

The Willard Stone Museum is raising funds in hopes of acquiring the second oldest building in Locust Grove, built in late 1912, as the museum's new home.

LOCUST GROVE – The Willard Stone Museum will launch a major fund drive during the upcoming Woodcarvers Show/Sale and Folk Arts Festival June 21-22 to acquire a larger, more accessible building in downtown Locust Grove.

“Our need to relocate is driven by the need for more display space, more tourist traffic off the Cherokee Turnpike exit to the city, and the necessity to comply with federal and local codes,” said Linda Stone Callery, Willard Stone’s daughter and president of the museum board.

During the two-day Woodcarvers Show/Sale & Folk-Art Festival, the museum will be seeking gifts on three levels of $25, $50, and $100. A drawing, to be held in late November, will reveal the winner in each of those gift levels who will receive, subject to reserve requirements, the coveted bronze pieces by the late Willard Stone valued at $1,500, $7,000 and $20,000 respectively.

“We hope to acquire the second-oldest building in Locust Grove, the first bank in this once bustling community. The renovation will return the building to its original profile, and reveal beautiful arched windows that will flood the interior with natural light, and the original tin ceiling panels will enhance the overall old-time museum atmosphere and ambiance,” Stone Callery said.

Once complete, the more spacious museum will house over 40 of Willard Stone’s unique sculptures, and comprise the largest single collection in the world. It will also feature the unique carvings, sculptures and mixed-media paintings by three of Willard Stone’s children, and a gift shop.

During the Carvers/Folk Art Show, a number of items from the museum will be for sale, including four-color books filled with Stone’s sculpture and carvings, a coloring book for children, bronze medallions, coffee mugs, tiles, and a pewter casting of one of the museum’s favorites.

The Woodcarvers Show/Sale & Folk Arts Festival, four blocks south of Broken Arrow’s popular Rose District in the Community Center at 1500 S. Main St., will be open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., June 21-22. The show is free to the public, and family-friendly.