I was "dog-tired." I was driving home from visiting our Texas friends.

We stopped at a convenience store. I was near the front and heard a worker compliment a woman's top. I looked at the woman I thought she was talking to and thought, "Her top isn't anything special."

The worker then said something else in a friendly way. Without saying a word, I left and went to our car.

As I was driving away, it dawned on me the worker was befriending me. She tried twice.

I was the one with the pretty top. Yep, it was colorful. She had tried again, and I totally ignored her.

I felt bad and prayed for her. I also prayed, tired or not, I would be more aware of the people in my surroundings.

I hope this worker didn't feel offended. I remembered times I have been ignored. Sometimes it bothered me, sometimes not.

Could the other person(s) have been tired, too?

Husband Bob is very hard of hearing - even with aids. I'm watchful because it appears often he's ignoring folks. Actually, he just doesn't hear them.

Lessons learned? We need to be more aware of people around us.

We need not be sensitive when we are ignored.

People may not hear us, or they may just be tired and not paying attention.

Thank you, Father, you are still teaching an "old dog" new tricks.

Gene Ruth Brumback is an ordained minister.

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