"Don't compare yourself with others. Just look at your own work to see if you have done anything to be proud of. You must each accept the responsibilities that are yours" (Galatians 6:4-6, Easy-to-Read Version).

We have a young lady in our church (early 20s) who is delightful. She is excited about God and very active in everything she does.

Wanda (not her real name) teaches Little Critters (5- and 6-year-olds) on Wednesday nights. I teach them on Sunday mornings. I just started teaching in May.

The past two Sundays, I've had five children and an adult helper. It seemed like there were more children than five. I know I couldn't have managed without a helper. We had a hard time finishing the craft one Sunday. But we did it!

I assist the children to classes on Wednesday nights and then return for the adult sermon. Wanda had nine children in her class with no helper. (The Children's Leader who can be easily accessed is in a class around the corner.) I asked Wanda if she wanted me to stay with her because of her large group, "Oh, no, we're fine." OK, I listened outside her door for a few minutes. She's good!

I was a bit chagrinned and compared my inadequacy with her adequacy. "How does she do that?"

God assured me I was doing what he wants me to. He reminded me she has taught children for quite a while. I haven't. She knows the children better than I do. No, I'm not as organized as I want to be, but I will improve.

There are so many church jobs I am comfortable with. This new job is causing me to stretch. There are so many others I know who could do a better job than I. But with God's help, I'll do the best I can. I'm willing to try.

I've made a three-month commitment. I'm going to ask Wanda for some tips.

Gene Ruth Brumback is an ordained minister.