For this weekend, June 9-11, water levels and flows will continue on a slow fall at all Illinois River Basin Gage Sites, according to a Friday press release from Ed Fite, Grand River Dam Authority–Scenic Rivers Operation.

Illinois River water levels will remain approximately one-foot higher with flows running two times faster than what are historic norms throughout the weekend.

It is recommended that first-time-novice floaters and children be teamed with experienced floaters throughout the weekend.

All floaters should wear a personal flotation device at all times while floating, wading and swimming.

Additionally, as sunshine will be dominant with no rainfall forecast throughout the weekend, visitors should be sure to bring sunglasses, extra cover-up clothing, hats and suntan lotion. The sun reflecting off the water will give a person without sunglasses a headache, and the extra clothing provides an opportunity not to become sunburned.

There are several areas in the Illinois River where fallen trees and debris accumulations from the April 30 flood event present navigational hazards to boaters and swimmers.

Navigational hazards and the fastest water currents tend to occur on the outside edge of turns or meanders. When approaching an area of the river where one cannot see a direct channel downstream, floaters and swimmers should always stay to the inside of turns and meanders, or the slowest and shallowest water area in rivers, to avoid being swept into navigational hazards.

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