Name and rank: Specialist James Jennings, E-4

Branch of service: U.S. Army

Current location: Welling, Oklahoma

Age: 71

Family: Children, Ranea, James, Lisa, Billy, Jo-Ella, Jarrett, Johnathon and Eli; many grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

Active duty campaigns: I was drafted in 1967 for infantry duty. Basic training was at Fort Poke, Louisiana. It was a swamp area with a lot of alligators, armadillos, snakes, and very large mosquitoes. I would have been sent to Vietnam if not for my brother Dwayne. He sent a letter to my commanding officer explaining one brother was already at Vietnam and I should not be on ground duty. I was sent to Germany for a truck driver. I was stationed at Badknauznach, Germany, for two years.

Education and-or specialty military training: I had special training in driving and mechanic work on military vehicles. We drove all over Germany. I was sent to Fort Hood, Texas, to finish out my time before I could go home.

If retired or honorably discharged, list when that occurred; current occupation; and any hobbies or organizations: Honorable Discharge, May 21, 1969. My first child Ranea was born the next day. I received several medals.

Special memory: While in Germany, we had practice guard duty in extreme conditions with snow on the ground. The terrain was very steep. There were several large tents set up on the mountain. Our tent ran out of heating fuel. In the night, we snuck out and stole two 5-gallon cans of fuel and returned the empty fuel cans. We didn't know it was the officer's tent. They got very cold that night. The next morning, they were trying to find out who did it. We had to leave with a convoy. They never found out who took their fuel.

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