Sgt. Tristan R. Mumford

Sgt. Tristan R. Mumford

Name and rank: Sgt. Tristan R. Mumford

Branch of service: National Guard

Current location: Park Hill, Oklahoma.

Age: 38

Family: Parents, Tristan and Kim Mumford; wife, Shauna Mumford; children, Reagan, Chloe, and Sierra.

Active duty campaigns: Operation Enduring Freedom, 2006-2007; Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2009-2010; and Operation New Dawn, 2011-2012.

Education and-or specialty military training: Had a great class in auto collision with Bill Sprague at ICTC; 45th Combat Team solder trained in combat/air assault.

If retired or honorably discharged, list when that occurred; current occupation; and any hobbies or organizations: Active 16 years of service; honorably discharged, 2016; inspect aircraft RAPTs for Department of Defense; likes to hunt and fish.

If active service, current assignment: Reserve, Bravo Company of the 1/79th Infantry Brigade, National Guard component, Camp Gruber, Braggs, Oklahoma.

Special memory: During my first deployment to Afghanistan in 2006, a roadside bomb went off a mile from our combat outpost and I had all the firepower apart, cleaning it. I immediately put it all back together so our unit could respond to the incident. After a quick functions check of the M-4s, M240L, M249 (S.A.W.)s, we were ready to go outside the wire. As far as what we saw when we got there, I will never forget.

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