Representatives of the Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma reviewed personnel policy material with Cherokee County officials Thursday.

The local board of commissioners approved recommended changes in the county policies. A new manual will be prepared for commissioners to adopt at a future meeting.

Discussion covered a range of topics, from overtime and compensatory time to Family Medical Leave Act and benefits.

Dale Frech, of ACCO, repeatedly told the officials that being consistent with policy is key. He said a policy needs to apply to all employees and not just certain groups.

Another area covered was nepotism. Frech said nepotism includes hiring people who are related by blood or marriage to the third degree to the supervisor or department head. He said the policy needs to include stepchildren, brothers and sisters.

Exemptions are in place in cases where the person worked there before the relative became the department head.

An exemption also applies when the department head becomes related to an employee who already works in the office, through marriage or otherwise.

Frech suggested available jobs be posted in some fashion. He said they don’t have to be advertised.

The officials have been working on updating the personnel policy for some time. The last major update to the policy manual was in 2005.

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