OSDH COVID-19 update: March 24

According to the Oklahoma State Department of Health’s 11:30 a.m. advisory Tuesday, there are 106 positive cases of COVID-19 in Oklahoma, but the OSDH update does not include the positive case in Adair County reported by the Cherokee Nation. None have been reported in Cherokee County.

Governor Kevin Stitt will hold a press conference later today providing an update regarding the state's actions to combat COVID-19.

There has been one additional death reported in Cleveland County, a woman in her 60s, bringing the total of COVID-19 deaths in Oklahoma to three.

Reporting note: The age grouping chart has changed to allow more comprehensive reporting of the 18-49 age range. This advisory is the first to report the following age ranges; 00-04, 18-35, 36-49.

The number of COVID-19 test results submitted by private labs has grown in the past 24 hours. Earlier this month, the commissioner designated COVID-19 as a disease that is immediately reportable to OSDH upon suspicion, diagnosis, or test. Any laboratories that fail or refuse to report findings to OSDH may be subject to civil and criminal penalties.

Over the past week, the Oklahoma State Department of Health has worked to move as much of its workforce as possible to teleworking. As of Friday, 51 percent were teleworking, and by the end of today, 75 percent of the agency's central office workforce will be teleworking. A large number of the OSDH workforce, including those at county health departments, are at the epicenter of responding to COVID-19. The commissioner of health is committed to a structure that is safe for employees while also delivering robust, coordinated services to address the pandemic in Oklahoma, the email advisory stated.

OSDH continues to support guidelines from the CDC related to social distancing and personal hygiene. OSDH encourages Oklahomans to stay home, reduce person-to-person contact, wash hands frequently, and avoid touching your face. Those who develop symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath or cough, should contact their medical professional or call the COVID-19 call center at 877-215-8336 or 211 for assistance.

For more information, visit coronavirus.health.ok.gov.

COVID-19 Oklahoma test results as of 11 a.m. March 23: positive (in-state), 106; positive (out-of-state), two; negative, 735; hospitalizations, 25; and deaths, three. Negative testing results are only from the State Public Health Laboratory and do not include private laboratory negative results.

COVID-19 cases by testing laboratory: State Public Health Laboratory, 53; Diagnostic Laboratory of Oklahoma, 17; other, 36.

COVID-19 cases by age group: 00-04, two; 18-35, 26; 36-49, 23; 50-64, 23; 50-64, 26; and 65 and over, 29.

COVID-19 cases by county: Canadian, 4; Cleveland, 22; Custer, 1; Garvin, 2; Grady, 1; Jackson, 1; Kay, 5; Logan, 1; Mayes, 1; McClain, 1; Muskogee, 1; Noble, 2; Oklahoma, 41; Pawnee, 4; Payne, 3; Pontotoc, 1; Tulsa, 12; Wagoner, 1; and Washington, 2.

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