The Daily Press gets a lot of e-mailed press releases – in fact, thousands of them every day.

Most are desperate attempts to convince us to write stories about products no one in our readership area would care about, anyway, and they’re deleted without ever being looked at.

But one came to us earlier this week that was just too good (or bad, depending on your point of view), to pass up.

According to the experts at picture-hanging hardware company OOK (the pronunciation of that is a little unclear), failure to display your diploma correctly can really mess up your life.

“Hang a diploma crooked or incorrectly and instead of impressing your clients and friends, you’ll come off as a slob,” the folks at OOK claim. “Even a Harvard MBA can look like Clown College if it’s hung crooked.”

Is this something people are really concerned about? Can displaying your diploma incorrectly really keep you off the higher rungs of the corporate ladder?

“My diploma?” asked Jennifer Sanders, who remembers graduating from college, but can’t recall where she put her diploma after she got it. “I really think it’s out in the utility room above the washer/dryer, but my mom might have it at her house. I’m not really sure.”

Not sure? Does she not realize how important it is to properly hang her diploma?

“I work at a call center. Most of the people I work with don’t have diplomas, so I think mine would look a little dumb – crooked, straight, or otherwise,” she said.

A dumb-looking diploma. The folks at OOK probably haven’t considered that one.

According to OOK, here are the rules for hanging your diploma:

• Hang your diploma eye level for an average-size male (5-foot-9).

• Hang the diploma in an area of the room that receives little to no glare, thus maximizing visibility to guests.

• If you have multiple diplomas, hang them side-by-side rather than stacking. This will increase the likelihood that individuals will look at both diplomas rather than just one.

• Choose marbled frames over a solid color. Chances are, you’ll be moving at least once, and a single scratch on a solid frame can really take away from the beauty of your diploma.

Dr. Nick Migliorino, Tahlequah High School principal, has four diplomas displayed in his office – one from high school, one for his bachelor’s degree, one for his master’s degree, and one for his doctorate.

Being about a foot taller than eye-level for an average male, Migliorino said he actually got some help from his wife in hanging his diplomas – he tends to hang them too close to the ceiling.

“This is the only one of these – you can’t replace it, even if it gets destroyed,” he said, pointing out his Ph.D. diploma (which his wife has tastefully hung at exactly 5 feet and 9 inches from the floor).

“It’s sealed in the back and everything to keep it preserved. If you leave them rolled up, they shrink, so it’s better to display them.”

Wow. Even the folks at OOK didn’t tell us that!

On Wednesday, Migliorino’s office was full of other folks who are just about to receive diplomas of their own: high school seniors.

T.J. Spears said he’ll probably hang his diploma somewhere, although he hasn’t put much thought into it yet. (Nor should he.)

“I’ll hang it somewhere – if they give me one. Probably just like this,” he added, pointing to Migliorino’s collection of diplomas.

Which just goes to show that Spears has probably already developed the skills needed to succeed in the world: Impress the guy in charge, and you can hang your diploma upside down if you want.

“I think I’d fire somebody who actually researched the proper way to hang their diploma,” said Geoff Beck, who conceded that so far, he’s just got a high school diploma, and isn’t really sure where that one is. “If you’re that neurotic, I don’t want to work with you.”


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