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After serving in the Army National Guard, Caleb Douthitt now runs his own trading card and collectible memorabilia shop in Tahlequah.

Dozens of Cherokee County voters lined up early Thursday morning, in the rain, to cast their ballots. It's the largest crowd that's been seen in many years.

Elton Hayes and Kevin Brockway talk about Indiana's upset of Penn State; Bill Burt and George Bremer discuss Super Bowl contenders; Clay Horning breaks down a big day for Sooners in the NFL.

A variety of lawn care equipment and tools are available in Tahlequah, as seen at Tahlequah Lumber.

In 19 years of teaching, Elanna Dobbs has never been as concerned about cheating as she is now. The pandemic has led to an increase in online learning and fewer face-to-face interactions makes it easier for students to cheat, even if they aren't doing it on purpose. Tech tools like Google an…

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George Bremer and Bill Burt debate the top teams in the AFC and NFC; Kevin Brockway and Elton Hayes prep for the opening of Big Ten football season; and Clay Horning riffs on the ways the Rays play baseball.

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