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The summer 2021 fashion trends can be seen at Junie's Closet, and they include: tank tops, crop tops, short skirts, thin fabrics, feminine or boho details, and patterns such as florals, tie-dye, stripes and more. A lightweight blazer can top off an outfit.

Elton Hayes and Kevin Brockway reflect on the NFL Draft and Big Ten spring football; Clay Horning shares his thoughts on Russell Westbrook and the new NBA playoffs system.

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It's NFL Draft time! Bill Burt and George Bremer discuss what could happen in the first round, while Elton Hayes and Kevin Brockway give some insight into college players fans might be overlooking. Clay Horning chimes in with his thoughts on which teams to root for -- and which to not -- in …

During The Big Event Saturday, Northeastern State University students Connor Lynch, Brysen Wade, and Breanna Littlebear pick up litter along Highway 10, which is adopted by Delta Lambda Chi.

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