5Ws+1H: What It Is: 4-Hers prepping for food, craft fair

Cherokee County 4-H students will be demonstrating how to make various holiday goods and gifts for this year's virtual Christmas Food and Craft Fair.

Cherokee County 4-H students are preparing for a virtual Christmas Food and Craft Fair, during which they'll demonstrate how to make various holiday goods and gifts for the public to try at home this season.

The Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension Service in Cherokee County typically hosts the fair at the Community Building every year, but due to COVID-19, the event will be online, which will allow for more people to get in on the fun. Both locals and the students can learn a thing or two.

"They'll present on something they find interesting or fun - maybe something they are very familiar with because it might be a family tradition that they do during the holidays," said Heather Winn, family and consumer science educator. "It gives them the opportunity to practice public speaking in a non-competitive way. This year, they're not only going to practice public speaking in front of a small group, but they're going to be seen by lots of people by putting it on our social media."

Students have until Dec. 1 to come up with proposal for their food or craft projects. On Dec. 8, they will schedule individual appointments to record their demonstrations, which they will have three to five minutes to complete. It provides an opportunity for kids and their parents to work on something together.

"A lot of the times the kids and their parents will be looking for ideas on Pinterest," said Winn. "Mostly it's food, but last year, we had these really cute little gnomes. They took a sock, filled it with rice and found some white fur to make the beard, and then we made the pointy hats out of flannel."

In the past, students have demonstrated how to make various dips, appetizers, candy and beverages, such as a holiday punch, hot chocolate, apple cider. Students could try making wreaths, tree ornaments, or other Christmas decorations.

"It will depend on how creative our 4-H kids and their parents are," said Winn.

Not only will the OSU Extension Office be putting all of the demonstrations on its Facebook page, but it will also make a cookbook/instruction guide for every food and craft presented, which anyone will be able to pick up at the office.

"That way they have the instructions or recipe to take home with them," said Winn. "We will gather all that information, make them and put them out in the drop box for people who are interested. We'll have them available probably about Dec. 8."

Get involved

For more information about the virtual Christmas Food and Craft Fair, call 918-456-6163. The video demonstrations will be available on the Cherokee County OSU Extension Facebook page.

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