Old video games

Boxes full of old video games may be sitting in the attics or closets of area residents, and the contents may be worth money to collectors.



Old collectible items continue to increase in value as time moves on. That's because these items continue to get lost, broken or ruined, and no more of them are being produced.

Old video games meet these criteria, and some lucky people may have an exceptionally valuable item stored away and forgotten about.

Video games have been moving from a physical medium to a digital one. While physical copies of games are still produced, the simplicity and ease of downloading a game from home is attractive to many consumers.

Luke Nagel, owner of FTW Game Co., believes this is causing some to want copies of games from their childhoods.

"Even though everything has started going digital, people who liked the games they would purchase digitally started realizing they would like to have a physical copy as a memento or a collector's item," said Nagel. "A lot of it has to do with the fact that people still want to play good games, even old ones, and have physical copies of them."

Sometimes when their kids grow up and move out, parents will throw all of their old video games into a box, put it into storage and forget about it. The games and gaming consoles in these boxes may be valuable, though. Depending on the rarity and popularity of the game, the owner may be in for a nice surprise when checking the value.

"People bring in games that are valuable, without realizing it, all the time," said Nagel. "Oftentimes, when someone brings in a sack full of old games, they have a Super Mario World, Donkey Kong 64, or some other valuable game."

These two games are worth anywhere from $15 to $60, depending on the condition. While this amount of money is nothing to write home about for most people, there are even rarer games that are sought after, similar to a holy grail for video game collectors.

"Sometimes you can fall into the rarities of games that go for $100 to even $750," said Nagel. "Someone brought in the game Panic Restaurant for the Nintendo Entertainment System he won at an auction for $5. That game is valued at $750."

There are a number of ways to sell these games. One can trade them into a local video game store or try to sell them on trading websites such as eBay. There is probably a collector out there yearning for the nostalgia of owning that favorite game from childhood again.

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