5Ws+1H: Where It's At: Turkey 'hunt' at library offers prizes

Guests at the Tahlequah Public Library can go on a turkey hunt this week for a chance to win a fall gift basket. Jane Adams, library clerk, looks for books.

The Tahlequah Public Library is giving patrons who visit something to do besides check out books this month.

As Thanksgiving approaches, the library has decided to host a turkey hunt. This week through Nov. 21, the library has 25 paper turkeys hidden throughout the building. Families and turkey lovers can participate by scouring the building in search of the elusive holiday birds, logging the ones they find, and then returning their logs for a chance to enter a drawing for a fall gift basket.

"They're all over the place in the library, so all ages can just come and try to find them," TPL Branch Manager Robin Mooney said. "They can just come and have fun. We're open our normal hours and they can come spend time looking for turkeys."

As the COVID-19 pandemic has hindered the library's ability to host in-person programs, the turkey hunt provides guests with a way to take part in holiday happenings from a safe distance.

"This is just something we're doing for people who come in right now," said Mooney. "We do some things that are virtual, but as far as people who just come in, there's not a lot we can do with them. So this is just something they can do on their own or in small groups."

The turkey hunt wasn't the first of TPL's monthly activities, and it won't be the last. Last week, visitors had the task of finding seasonal, Thanksgiving-related books and bringing them to the staff for a chance to enter into the drawing.

"Each time they do one of the week's activities, they're put into a drawing," said Mooney. "Then we have a little seasonal gift basket we're going to give them. We have some ideas - simple food things, like snack stuff. Then maybe a movie or something like that. It's just a little a way to relax."

Next week, guests will be tasked with writing down or sending online a Thanksgiving or holiday memory for a chance to win another prize.

The library is only allowing 25 people in at a time due to the pandemic, and visitors are required to wear masks. Guests can grab an instruction booklet for November's activities at the front desk.

For more information about the Tahlequah Public Library, call 918-456-2581.

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