Adair County continues community recycling event

Volunteers for the Adair County Trash Off include, from left: Joyce Radtke, Kathrine Rackliff, and Pat Richardson. Not pictured: Ed Unger and Cathy Unger.

After having to cancel Recycle Day for March, Adair County residents were able to continue their monthly community service recycle event on April 18 – and the turnout was great.

Fifty people brought enough recycle to fill two horse trailers and two pickup truck loads in a matter of three hours, proving that Stilwell and Adair County citizens are interested in helping save this beautiful planet.

Those who taken advantage of this free service are invited to the next Recycle Day on June 13.

"We will be set up at District 2 County Barn on Fairfield Road, across the highway from Maryetta School, from 9 a.m. to noon," said Cathy Unger. "We accept several different items, which include cardboard, plastics, metal, glass, aluminum, paper and clothing. Since we have so much to process on recycle day, we would like to ask that you help us out if possible by following some guidelines."

Those include:

• Cardboard can be the lightweight kind, like cracker boxes, or the heavy corrugated type, like boxes; please break them down.

• For plastic bottles with a #1 or #2 on the bottom of the container (inside a triangle), some plastics are not accepted; they must have a neck smaller at the opening than at the bottom. Bottle lids are not accepted and should be removed and thrown in the trash ahead of time.

• Metal of any kind, including metal cans.

• Glass such as jars, pop, wine, or beer bottles – preferably clean with no window panes or ceramics.

• Any aluminum.

• Paper of any kind, including junk mail, newspapers, brown paper bags, softback books, and magazines. Please separate each style of paper.

• Plastic grocery bags.

• Clothing must be clean and without holes or stains.

Other items to remember.

• Plastic rings that come on the six-pack beverages and any plastic that comes wrapped around food and beverage products are not accepted.

• White trash bags can be recycled but not black ones.

• No oil or antifreeze containers.

• Washington County in Arkansas pays for citizens of that county to recycle batteries, so they will no longer take Adair County's, since residents are not from that county. However, there will be a hazardous recycle day this fall, and batteries will be accepted.

"Some items that are donated are not transported to the recycle center," said Unger. "We sell the aluminum and use the money to buy gas to transport the other recyclables. We donate the clothing items to Friends of the Library for their fundraiser yard sale. If you have other nice items that can be resold and you would like to donate them to the Friends, we will take those also. They are in need of kitchen items for their August sale."

Anyone who has questions regarding Recycle Day should contact Cathy at 696-1178 or Joyce at 696-7316.

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