OKLAHOMA CITY - AFR Insurance automobile policy customers statewide will receive premium refunds related to COVID-19. Oklahomans from all parts of the state have expressed worsening financial stress due to the state's economic shutdown and increased unemployment. In response, AFR Insurance is providing refunds to its automobile policyholders through the AFR Cares Auto Relief Program.

"AFR Insurance has a long history of standing by our customers in time of need," said AFR Insurance CEO Jon Srna. "The AFR Cares Auto Relief Program is our way of showing appreciation and hopefully easing our customers' financial burden."

Through the AFR Cares Auto Relief Program, AFR Insurance is refunding five percent of annual premiums for all of the company's more than 38,000 automobile customers. This policyholder refund ranks among the best in the industry nationwide. In addition, AFR Insurance had already extended payment grace periods and suspended all fees for late payments and nonsufficient funds.

AFR Cares Auto Relief Program refunds are five percent of annualized premiums, regardless of policy term. Both personal and combination automobile policies qualify for the refund, but policies must have been active on April 30.

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