Anonymous parking complaint gets chief's attention

Keri Thornton | Daily Press

An issue regarding a parked vehicle blocking a city sidewalk on Fourth Street was reported and address by police.

The Tahlequah police chief said action will be taken after an anonymous letter sent to the Tahlequah Daily Press complained about a parking issue.

On March 1, the newspaper received a letter that described a parked vehicle blocking a city sidewalk. The writer expressed trepidation about reporting the situation to police.

“On Fourth Street at the intersection of Graham [Avenue], the first duplex regularly has a silver Nissan parked across the sidewalk,” the letter stated. “Quite frequently, additional vehicles will be parked across the sidewalk.”

The letter added that a TPD patrol unit is parked at the other unit of the duplex.

“I walk up and down this sidewalk quite frequently. To avoid these cars, I have to walk around them onto the slope of the driveway entrance and close to the road,” the letter stated.

Police Chief Nate King said he wasn’t aware of the specific issue until the TDP reached out to him for a comment.

“I did see one issue with it, and it’s kind of hard to blame them for parking there. From the looks of the driveway, they poured the driveway for a parking spot that hangs out onto the sidewalk,” said King. “

According to City Ordinance 14-207, it is unlawful to obstruct the sidewalks of the city in any manner that would interfere with pedestrian traffic.

King said even though the problem wasn't brought to his attention by the person taking issue, that does’t mean it won't be addressed.

“[The officer] will have the parking issue taken care of this afternoon, and we’ll have them back up their vehicle another 4 feet,” said King.

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