An area woman has been charged with first-degree murder and desecration of a corpse of her roommate.

On Jan. 22, District Attorney Jack Thorp announced that Kore Bommeli, 59, was charged with murdering Talina Galloway, 53, after the victim's remains were found in a freezer in Arkansas.

“Talina Galloway died a brutal death, where her killer had no regard for her life in any way,” said Thorp. “While all murders are abhorrent and detestable, the grisly manner in which Galloway was dismembered and disposed of makes this case one of the worst I have seen in my career.”

According to the probable cause affidavit, Galloway was reported missing in April by Bommeli, with whom she shared an apartment.

“Kore reported that Talina made a Facebook post saying she had COVID-19 and she was leaving and going to her favorite lake to be alone,” the affidavit stated. “Kore stated Talina left home out of a fear of being intubated, and that she left with her driver’s license, $700 cash, a 9mm firearm, a .45-caliber firearm, her cellular phone, her medications, and a bottle of alcohol.”

After an exhaustive probe, Wagoner County investigators determined Galloway hadn't been screened by any doctor for COVID-19. Bommeli was listed on Galloway’s life insurance policy.

“During multiple recorded interviews with Kore, she lied about owning a white tandem-axle trailer,” the affidavit stated. “After being questioned about the trailer, evidence shows Kore actively attempted to hid the trailer at a friend’s house and had it plugged into an electrical outlet.”

Bommeli sold the trailer to a scrap yard in Muskogee and investigators discovered the presence of blood.

“From witnesses, investigators determined a white chest freezer was missing from the kitchen of Galloway’s house and was likely inside the white trailer, as it was being stored at a friend's house and while it was connected to electricity,” stated in the affidavit.

On June 6, investigators were informed by employees of the U-Haul store in Muskogee that the trailer Bommeli returned had a foul odor coming from it.

“Two days later on June 8, 2020, a witness in Mena, Arkansas, reported to law enforcement the same U-Haul trailer, which was attached to a pick-up truck, was backed up to the national forest near the witness’s house,” said the affidavit.

The witness said she walked around the trailer and believed the foul odor was that of decomposition.

“Some days later, the witness went into the woods to attempt [to] see what the suspicious people were doing. She reported finding a white chest freezer, sealed with duct tape, where the suspicious people were. She did not report this to law enforcement at that time, though,” said the affidavit.

Investigators obtained a search warrant for Galloway’s apartment after they found the same U-Haul trailer locked in the garage with a fan blowing toward it. Investigators also noticed Bommeli had been painting the concrete floor of the garage. Reports of the suspicious activity and the freezer in Arkansas was unknown to investigators at that time.

On Jan. 14, deputies opened the freezer and found a dismembered body. The witness provided the tag number of the trailer to deputies, and Wagoner County investigators were then contacted.

The Arkansas Medical Examiner determined the remains were those of Galloway.

Investigators began looking at data retrieved from Bommeli’s phone and found out she had been trying to purchase the same land where Galloway’s remains were found. Tracking information showed Bommeli’s phone was in Mena several times between June and July.

“Based on all of the evidence collected in this case, probable cause exists to believe Kore Bommeli willfully, unlawfully, and maliciously took the life of Talina Galloway,” stated the affidavit.

Bommeli is in custody in Dane County, Wisconsin, and Thorp is working on extradition orders to bring her back to Wagoner County. She is presumed innocent until found guilty in court.

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