A mental health care worker was accused of running onto a basketball court and attacking a teenage player from Tenkiller School last Thursday.

On Nov. 21, Cherokee County Sheriff's Sgt. Jarrod Rye was dispatched to Lowrey School on a report of an assault and battery. Two players allegedly shoved each other at the end of the game, and after they were separated, a mother ran onto the court, grabbed one of the players by the neck, and screamed in her face. The father of that player then dashed onto the court, seized the woman, and pushed her away.

The player said the woman was screaming something at her, but she couldn't make out what she was yelling. She also said the woman had ahold of her neck but didn't squeeze.

Witnesses filled out statements and said they would provide Rye with video footage of the incident. The next day, Deputy Kaitlin Rafalko got the statements and video, along with contact information for the woman.

Rye went to the woman's residence and asked her what happened.

"She stated that she just remembers getting mad at the refs for not doing their job and running onto the court to speak with the player about pushing her daughter," Rye said in the report.

The woman claimed the player was pushing the Tenkiller players down throughout the whole game and that nothing was being done about it.

"She stated that at the end of the game, when the player pushed her daughter, she just remembered getting mad and going into 'mother mode' and running down the bleachers onto the court," said Rye.

The woman said she was trying to turn the player around to tell her to leave her daughter alone when the other parent pushed her away and told her to stop. The woman said she was shocked at what had happened, and sat back down in the bleachers when the school superintendent told her to leave the gym.

The woman did tell deputies she was sorry for what she did and that she had no intention of hurting the player.

"She also stated that if the school and refs had done their jobs, then the situation wouldn't have reached that level," said Rye.

The woman said at one point during the game that another parent from Tenkiller walked onto the court about the player pushing a child and no action being taken against the aggressor.

No arrests have been made, so the names of the students, as well as the parents who barged onto the court, were not released.

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