A Blue Thumb training is being held in Tahlequah on Saturday and Sunday, March 4-5, at the Tahlequah Armory,

Anyone who loves science and the outdoors can become a stream monitor with the Blue Thumb water quality education program.

Candice Miller, Blue Thumb education coordinator and head of volunteers for Northeast Oklahoma, said the Blue Thumb Program is in its 30th year.

“We are really excited to have a new volunteer training in Tahlequah as part of the celebration,” said Miller.

Volunteers will be introduced to stream ecology; meet the fish and aquatic insects that live in the stream; learn about common pollutants; understand watersheds; and use water quality test kits to regularly check stream water.

Blue Thumb volunteers range in age from middle school students to retirees.

“Folks in this region have always had a particular interest in the Illinois River and Spring Creek, and the smaller streams within these two watersheds," said Miller. "Spending time on these streams, monitoring and collecting data, is a great way to strengthen your connection to these special places.”

Streams in or near Tahlequah that need new volunteers are Tahlequah Town Branch, Ross Branch, Park Hill Branch, and Flint Creek, to name a few. Blue Thumb stream monitoring has been taking place in this area for 25 years.

For more information, email candice.miller@conservation.ok.gov or call 405-464-2838.

Advance registration is required for the event, which will take place at 100 N. Water Ave. For more information, go to https://www.bluethumbok.com.

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