Building inspector steps down; Hammons takes charge temporarily

Mark Secratt

The city’s building inspector has stepped down after 10 years in his role, and that's made a significant change to municipal operations.

Mark Secratt resigned right before Christmas, and city councilors accepted his resignation during a Jan. 4 meeting.

Compliance coordinator Ray Hammons began taking calls and responding to requests immediately after Secratt’s departure.

However, according to Oklahoma Inspectors Act, it is unlawful for a person to act or perform the duties of a building and construction inspector, unless that person is qualified and licensed for the job.

“Any municipality or other political subdivision of the state with a population of 10,000 or less shall be exempt from the provisions of the Oklahoma Inspectors Act. Unless such municipality or other political subdivision of the state employs the services of a circuit rider inspector, or relies on the use of an authorized provider,” said the OIA.

Mayor Sue Catron says this is an exception.

“When Ray Hammons stepped into his current role, he received temporary certification,” said Mayor Sue Catron. “This allows him to act as our building inspector while we conduct a search for Mark's replacement.”

Hammons' current position includes the oversight of the building inspector, the code enforcement team, stormwater management, and animal control.

“Everyone is having to step up until we get the right person in. and I’m glad I’m where I can step up,” said Hammons. “We’ll move forward and keep people working and fulfill roles as needed.”

Catron said she’s not aware of any delays on construction nor monthly inspections. However, she and other city officials want the position filled quickly, since they recognize how critical the job is to the community.

“The building inspector position has been posted both locally and with state organizations,” said Catron. “We hope to fill the position quickly, but will take as much time as needed to find the right person.”

The mayor doesn’t anticipate Hammons applying for the position on a full-time basis.

“We wish Mark well in his future endeavors and appreciate his time with the city,” said Catron.

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