This week's NSU summer camp is "There's A Hyena in My Boot," which combines the themes of "Toy Story" and "The Lion King" into an educational experience for young children.

Presented by Northeastern State University's College of Education and Robotics Academy of Critical Engagement, this week-long camp is designed for ages 4-5.

"We usually try to theme our camps around movies or pop culture to get the kids more excited," said Karissa Pierson, camp instructor. "Most kids love 'Toy Story' and 'The Lion King,' so we use that to teach them science and math in a fun way."

Campers build different environmental habitats and toys to interact with them, learning about food, water and shelter.

On Monday, they built a fort to represent a typical habitat for a human being.

"We made a castle," said Joshua Champlain, summer camper. "I have liked everything we've done, but that's been my favorite part so far."

On Tuesday, they began working on a habitat box based on a forest.

"The kids don't know about a lot of these habitats because they've never been there," said Pierson. "But a forest is relatable to anybody."

The habitat box was made using materials campers collected outside like sticks, rocks and leaves.

To inhabit the forest, they created cut-out animals, including grey wolves and bears.

"I liked getting the materials to make the box," said Luke Searcy, summer camper.

Pierson said the campers wanted to collect bugs to add to the box, but she decided it was best if they avoided using living creatures.

"We hope to complete forest, desert and ocean habitats by the end of the week," said Pierson. "Each kid will choose their favorite habitat box to take home. They can tell their parents everything they've learned about that habitat."

While the "There's a Hyena in My Boot" camp ends this week, parents can still sign their children up for camps during the rest of June.

"These camps are important because it allows students of any age to learn, be stimulated and make new friends even when they aren't in school," said Pierson.

Camps cost $160 per week and include a T-shirt, supplies and all snacks and lunches for the week.

Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday at Bagley Hall.

Parents can drop children off early at 7:30 a.m. or pick them up late by 5 p.m. for an extra $25 fee.