An obstacle course at the Northeastern State University pool has recently been updated, with new features and challenges for swimmers to take up the gauntlet.

Arron Edwards, director of the NSU Fit, said the Wibit floating obstacle course was first installed at the pool in 2017 to offer a fun experience for members and their families.

“It is highly used by all ages,” said Edwards. “However, since we offer membership for the Tahlequah community, it mostly get used by families with children.”

The obstacle course recieved a refresh earlier this January.

“We cycle a few obstacles every three months,” he said. “We recently just purchased a brand-new course that includes monkey bars and a twisted balance beam."

There is normally a large slide at the end of the course, said NSU Pool Manager and Lifeguard Kayla Vaughn, but as of Jan. 24, it’s been temporarily removed due to some damage.

“We’re patching it right now,” said Vaughn. “It should be good to go by next week.”

The Fit announced the new obstacle course on its Facebook page on Jan. 17.

“Yes, I have [tried the new obstacle course] and it’s so fun,” said Tahlequah resident Pasty SpottedBird.

Kris White asked if there is an age limit for the obstacle course.

“We currently do not have an age limit for the Wibit, but any child under 16 must be accompanied by an adult,” the Fit replied.

There are specific rules for the Wibit to ensure users stay safe while taking on the challenge.

“Our lifeguards let members or guests know the rules on their first visit,” said Edwards. “They are also posted throughout the pool.”

Some of these rules include a ban on swimming under and jumping off the Wibit, as well as wearing sharp items like rings and earrings while using the device. Roughhousing is also prohibited and users are asked to wait until the next obstacle is clear before moving forward.

“Anyone can try out the Wibit obstacle course,” said Edwards. “We offer five-day free passes and day passes for only $5.”

Edwards said the pool is heated and stays warm year-round.

“If you have a family and are looking for fun activities for your kids, we would love to have you come and try it out,” he said.

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