The Tahlequah Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors added a sentence to the revision of bylaws during a Feb. 23 meeting.

Anna Knight, Governance Committee chair, said the change pertained to the audit.

"The accounts off TACC shall be audited annually as of the close business on June 30," said Knight. "The audit shall be made by a certified public accountant in good standing with the state, selected by the Audit Task Force."

The TACC Treasurer can't be involved with the selection of the auditor or play a role in that task force.

TACC accepted a revision of bylaws during a meeting Jan. 26, when Knight said the most significant change was to the composition of the Executive Committee.

"We've added some additional positions to the executive committee to be able to provide the committee with the resources they need to make decisions," said Knight. "That includes the governance chair and the tourism chair. It increased the amount the Executive Committee has approval over of non-budgeted items."

Knight explained the Executive Committee can approve up to $500 that's non-budgeted.

"We did look at allowing up to 2 percent of the annual budget as a maximum of the Executive Committee can approve. That can be a much more significant amount before it was $500. Part of the reasoning for it is with our inability to always be able make quorum; this gives the Executive Committee the ability to conduct business as necessary," said Knight.

TACC CEO-President Nathan Reed updated the board in regard to Leadership Class 23 and what lies ahead amid COVID-19.

"We've been meeting with Dan [Mabery] every two weeks and we didn't have a Class 2020-2021 because of COVID-19," said Reed. "Our first meeting - we thought about it and said, let's basically use this as a 'hiatus year' and make the process easier and better for the applicants, and revamp the program."

Reed said Mabery would like the program to provide more leadership skills, as opposed to learning about Tahlequah as its main goal.

"While learning about Tahlequah is important and will still be a goal, it will be more focused on developing leaders within companies and that's what we've been working on for the past two weeks," said Reed.

The next Leadership Class is slated to begin September 2021.

What's next

The next Tahlequah Area of Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors meeting is March 23 at 8:30 a.m., via Zoom.

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