The Cherokee Nation tribal complex and surrounding buildings continue to be on lockdown after an apparent threat was made.

The police scanner indicated that the suspect was at a Catoosa tag office when he became irate. He then allegedly said he was going to Tahlequah with his guns. Dispatch also indicated that the suspect was wearing camouflage gear and was driving a white truck.

Tribal officials said the complex went on lockdown at 10:45 a.m. after a threat was made.

According to a CN all-employee email, the complex, as well as Sequoyah High School, remain secure but are still on lockdown.

“A threat was made by an individual who may have been en route to the complex,” the email states. “This is why we are asking employees to remain in their departments with doors locked, until the lockdown is lifted. Marshal’s and security are on site and working with other law enforcement.”

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