Tahlequah Police Chief Nate King has released the names of the officers involved in the fatal shooting earlier this week of Bobby Lee Vaughn.

On Oct. 7, Tahlequah Police Department officers responded to a call of a domestic incident with a firearm at 902 S. State Ave. Among them were Detective Chris Boals, Patrolman William Jacob Robertson and Patrolman Bronson McNiel.

King said that Vaughn, who was inside the residence, fired a shot while officers were trying to talk to him. The three retreated to the cover of their patrol vehicles and continued attempts to establish communication with Vaughn. A few minutes later, Vaughn appeared in the front door with a handgun by his right side. Officers continued to plea with Vaughn to drop his weapon, and witnesses heard them speaking to him through a bullhorn.

According to King and witnesses, Vaughn raised his weapon at officers, and the three fired their weapons at the suspect. The officers lost visual contact with Vaughn immediately afterward, King said, and the Cherokee Nation Marshal Service was contacted for assistance.

After approximately two hours without any contact with Vaughn, officers entered the residence and found an unresponsive Vaughn inside.

King confirmed the three officers involved in the fatal shooting have been placed on administrative assignment pending the outcome of an probe into the use of deadly force by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, along with other administrative protocols.

King said a press conference will be either Friday, Oct. 15, or Tuesday, Oct. 15, to release body camera footage of the incident and field questions.

"We are currently working on media packets, which will be available at the press conference," King said. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Bobby Lee Vaughn and to the officers and families involved. We will continue to release information as it becomes available."

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