The Cherokee Nation Supreme Court on Monday sustained a motion to dismiss an appeal filed by District 13 Tribal Councilor Buel Anglen, who petitioned the court to declare the District 13 Tribal Council election invalid.

Joe Deere was certified by the CN Election Commission earlier this month as the District 13 councilor. Anglen, who was declared ineligible to run for the seat, asserted that because Deere’s name was not on the ballot, then he was not properly elected, even though he ran unopposed.

“We’re not requesting a new election for District 13, we’re requesting a first election for District 13,” said Deborah Reed, Anglen’s legal counsel.

Reed also argued that if Deere were to take office by default, the people who reside in District 13 – which serves Rogers and Tulsa counties – have no option to cast a ballot against him if they don’t want him to represent the district.

Carly Hotvedt, attorney for Deere, said the appeal was an attempt by Anglen to reinsert himself as a candidate for District 13. She and the CNEC's attorney both argued it would cost the tribe thousands of dollars to hold a new election, just so one person could be placed on the ballot.

Appeals made by Dick Lay, principal chief candidate, and Meredith Frailey, deputy chief candidate, were consolidated into one case. The court has already heard motions to dismiss and quash subpoenas. A break was taken for lunch and the hearing will resume at 1:15 p.m. today

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