The Tahlequah City Planning Commission approved rezoning of properties on North Grand Avenue during an Oct. 15 meeting.

Planning and Development Director Taylor Tannehill said properties at 902 N. Grand Ave., 904 N. Grand Ave., 908 N. Grand Ave., 910 N. Grand Ave., 914 N. Grand Ave., and 101 Crafton St. are currently single-family dwellings.

"What is initiation this zoning change is a possible building permit issuance for converting the home on the northeast corner of Grand [Avenue] and Crafton [Street], which is the rock house there from a single-family home to a duplex," Tannehill said. "What we have on that lot is a single-family home that has traditionally been used as a group home for fraternities, and we've got a duplex on the northeast corner, and we have a garage/apartment where the top level is occupied."

The property owner planned to convert the rock house and the garage/apartment into duplexes.

"Our code states that an R-3 zoning requires a 6-foot fence when that's adjacent to an R-1 district," Tannehill said. "He doesn't want to break up his properties with a 6-foot fence between his land properties, so he's requesting the further zoning -- further to the north."

Tannehill said the property owner will need to extend the fence about 10 feet since there is already a 6-foot fence in place on the northern edge of the property.

The board agreed to recommend to rezone properties on 902 N. Grand Ave and 904 N. Grand Ave. to an R-3 multi-family dwelling, but keep properties on 908 N. Grand Ave., 910 N. Grand Ave., 914 N. Grand Ave remaining as single-family dwellings.

The board gave its nod to a preliminary plat south of the intersection of Bean Street and South West Avenue. Tannehill said it's a 10-lot residential subdivision and the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians own the property.

The plan is to develop more housing for tribal use for elders and families to rent.

What's next

The next City of Tahlequah Planning Commission meeting is tentatively scheduled for 4 p.m. on Nov. 19 in the City Council Chambers, 111 S. Cherokee Ave.

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