The Cherokee County Board of Commissioners, during a May 18 meeting, approved a resolution of up to $2,000 for area schools.

District 1 Commissioner Doug Hubbard said the funds go toward all-night events for Hulbert, Keys, and Tahlequah graduating seniors.

“It’s for safety issues that they go after graduation and stay all night, and there’s a lot of people there,” said Hubbard.

District 2 Commissioner Mike Brown said the schools wanted to make sure the social distancing was approved before the events were held.

Hubbard asked District Attorney Jack Thorp if he believed they were on firm ground to proceed with the donation, referring to the positive COVID-19 cases and the delays they've imposed on events.

“I’m monitoring all four counties, and you guys are doing great, as far as I can tell,” said Thorp. “My numbers are weird districtwide. I’m high in Wagoner [County] and high in Adair [County], but super-low in Sallisaw, and your numbers are a little bit higher than Sallisaw, but it’s been pretty good over here.”

The board gave its nod to a fixed-rate service contract renewal between the Department of Corrections, Community Sentencing, and the Commissioners. Ryan Tiger, Community Sentencing coordinator, said the DOC has new rules the DA reviewed and approved.

A juvenile detention services agreement between SAC and Fox Nation and the commissioners was tabled.

Sheriff Jason Chennault said there was wording in the agreement with which Assistant District Attorney Andy Williams didn’t agree.

“It had to do with dispute resolution. If we have any disputes with them, then they wanted it settled in their tribal court,” said Chennault.

During a May 4 meeting, Williams said he wanted more time to look over the contract before he made a decision.

“There’s some language in here that we agree needs to be submitted to the jurisdiction of the second Fox Nation’s Tribal Courts, and we don’t do that typically,” Williams said. “We don’t enter agreements that require binding arbitration, either. We always want to reserve our rights to trial in the State of Oklahoma Courts.”

A juvenile detention transport claim in the amount of $384 was approved.

What’s next

The next Board of Cherokee County Commissioners meeting is Monday, June 1 at 9 a.m. at the Cherokee County Courthouse.

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