Commissioners fete Pettus for EM service

From left; District 3 Commissioner Clif Hall, Scott Pettus, Emergency Management Director Mike Underwood, District 1 Commissioner Doug Hubbard and District 2 Commissioner Mike Brown.

Pettus was presented with a certificate of appreciation for 35 years of dedication and honest work with the City of Tahlequah Emergency Management during the Commissioners meeting on Monday.

Scott Pettus was recognized for his 35 years of service with city of Tahlequah Emergency Management during the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners regular meeting Monday.

Emergency Management Director Mike Underwood, who presented the certificate of appreciation to Pettus, said the department depends on Pettus for his weather knowledge and dedication.

“I want to say thank you to Scott Pettus on behalf of the city of Tahlequah and Cherokee County for his 35 years of perfect service that he’s given the citizens and department of emergency management,” said Underwood. “A lot of you know that emergency managers thrive on volunteer service, and it’s not every day that you get someone who can provide you with 35 years of service.”

The board approved adjusting the fire district boundary line between Tahlequah Fire Department and Illinois River Area Volunteer Fire Department. 911 Coordinator Marty Kimble said the line has been a maintenance issue.

“I’m going to be clear with you right up front right now: I don’t care where you put those lines. You can leave it like it is and you could draw little circles down through there. The thing is, I brought this to both your attention because these roads have grown past the existing fire boundary lines,” said Kimble.

District 3 Commissioner Clif Hall requested and received approval for the creation of a restricted fund under the 1102-fund for repayment of the ETR loan project for West 790 Road and a resolution to encumber funds from 1327-6-2075 fund for 550 Road.

The board gave the nod to Kimble to do a new electrical distribution at 911 dispatch center.

“This is a capital project that my board of trustees had already approved, and it’s to relieve an issue that we've got in dispatch. We have a lot of these little crips – at least two per console – that we increased our capabilities and our monitors, our computers, and we need to increase our power,” said Kimble.

He said it would cost approximately $14,000, and it involves electrical changes only. District 2 Commissioner Mike Brown motioned while Hall seconded.

Approval of an interagency agreement between Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality and the board was tabled until next meeting at the request of Assistant District Attorney Andy Williams.