COMMUNITY SPIRIT: AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer returns to her roots

Rebecca Krueger has returned to her roots in Hulbert.

Rebecca Krueger moved to Hulbert from Marble City when she was in ninth grade, and she immediately fell in love. Her life's journey had taken her away from her home town, but she knew she wanted to return home.

The opportunity arose when a position opened up with the AmeriCorps VISTA program at Hulbert Public Schools. She applied and was accepted. She is now a full-time volunteer and helps Hulbert students.

The AmeriCorps VISTA program is a national service program developed by John F. Kennedy to support underprivileged communities. Approximately 5,000 members work on 900 different projects throughout the nation.

"I wanted to go home, and there wasn't a position available at the school. but I knew that I just wanted to come home," said Krueger.

So she applied.

Her experience as a certified nursing assistant made her uniquely qualified for the position. She gets to work with children, and when accidents occur, she knows what to do.

"I'll be helping the elementary school doing PE and taking care of the gym. I'll be moderating who is coming in and making sure the equipment is taken care of," she said.

Right now, she is painting classrooms at the high school to update the school colors. She is also making sure their fixtures are up to date.

"I love children. That's the best medicine in the world when you are down and out," Krueger said.

She is most excited to return to Hulbert because she considers her community her family.

"My family is Hulbert," she said. "I love the community, and that's home to me. I have a picture on my Facebook page that says, 'If these walls could talk, what would they say?' I have so many memories of teachers come and gone."

In the past, Krueger has also worked in the school cafeteria and has cooked for proms and large functions.

"When I walk around the community, I see so many people who I grew up with. When you are a part of a community, the teachers, the janitors, and others you are surrounded by are your friends. When you can go to town, you can go to Walmart and see your family. I knew at one point I was going back because you always go back home," she said.

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