By Keri Thornton

A man and a woman were arrested after they were caught with drugs at Taco Bell.

On Oct. 15, Tahlequah Police Lt. Brandon Vick was called to O'Reilly's on a report of an intoxicated man. He saw Trenton Grass walking across the street and causing traffic to stop in both lanes.

The man entered Taco Bell as Vick pulled into the parking lot and told him to stop. But Grass ignored the officer and walked into the restaurant. Vick saw Grass releasing the open door of the women's restroom and walking toward the lobby.

Lydia Garcia was in the lobby and walking toward Grass, who nodded his head to the restroom and she nodded her head in the affirmative. Vick told the man to go outside, where he was arrested for public intoxication. When he patted Grass down for weapons, Vick found a loaded syringe in one of the pockets.

Garcia began to leave the restaurant and became irate when she was being questioned.

"I told her the reason was I believed she had illegal drugs in her possession and she became even more irate," Vick said in the report.

Vick asked if he could search her purse, and she said no. Vick said he was going to search her for weapons because she kept putting her hands in her pockets, but she wouldn't let go of her purse.

When he finally took away the purse, Garcia admitted there were syringes in it. She said they were hers and told Vick to look at all the track marks on her arms.

"She continued to state that she shoots up because smoking meth makes her sick," said Vick.

He searched her purse and found three syringes, four cut straws, and six baggies with residue. She told the officer she carries the baggies because her drug dealer doesn't always have bags and she needed to bring her own.

Grass and Garcia were taken to the Cherokee County Detention Center, where they were booked. Officers checked both bathrooms in the restaurant and didn't find any contraband.

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