With a cool breeze sweeping through Cherokee County, leaves beginning to change colors, and Halloween costumes hanging in stores, the fall season is well underway, making it the perfect time for folks at the Hulbert Community Library to make to create spooky crafts.

Those who attended the come-and-go craft event Friday worked with sculpting clay to make little fall or Halloween-related figurines.

"This is Sculpey, and it feels kind of like Play-Doh," said Librarian Pam Davis. "You kind of move it around in your hands until it warms up, and then it gets all flexible. It's like a combination of feeling between Silly Putty and Play-Doh. Then they sculpt what they want, you bake it in the toaster oven, and that hardens it."

Once the students shaped their sculpture, it took only 15 minutes in the toaster over to harden. One family of siblings and cousins spent the entire four hours creating and sculpting new objects.

"It gives them something fun to do," said Jeni Stacy, who accompanied her family to the library. "We come up here to do this stuff while we're on fall break."

Folks created tiny pumpkins, sculpted ghosts, carved witches hats and more. Kayla Bannon said she already has a place to display her new creations at home.

"We go to a place where we make ceramics, and we're probably going to put this stuff we made with the ceramics," said Kayla. "This isn't really ceramics, but its still delicate, and that's somewhere where our cat can't get it."

Many students don't mind a day or two off from classes. However, the kids at the Hulbert library were saddened by their time away from school during fall break. They prefer staying busy.

"We all miss our friends and our teachers," said Kyra Rosamond.

Although the students weren't allowed to return to school Friday, many said they were thankful to have the library as a place to spend time. Kayla said more people should take time to visit the public establishment.

"It's fun and it's something to do whenever you're bored and don't know what to do," she said. "They provide all of the stuff for you and they tell you how to do it. It's a fun thing to do with your family, too. The adults are allowed to do it, so it's a fun family thing."

The Hulbert Community Library relies heavily on donations and book sales to circulate new items in its rotation. Area residents can contribute to the library for the rest of the month, as a book sale is going on during that time. While it's scheduled to end Oct. 31, Davis said it could be extended like it was last year.

"As far as what's here, there's a little bit of everything," said Davis. "We have maps, road atlases, cook books, your regular fiction, magazines. We have a bunch of quilting books. There's an old history book of Arkansas, too."

Books will be $3 for as many as a patron can fit into a brown paper bag. The funds help go to the library's book fund, which is used to buy new books for the shelves. People can also donate books and other material to the library.

"If anyone wants to bring anything else, they can," said Davis. "You never know what people will buy. One time we sold a stack of RV travel books and it was the same day we had them donated to us."

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For more information about the Hulbert Community Library or its book sale, call 918772-3383.

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