Local residents let their creative sides shine while making Mason jar tea lights at the Hulbert Community Library on May 23.

This was Hulbert Community Library Branch Manager Julie Poor’s first time hosting the program, which had participants place pressed flowers on small Mason jars and coat the pieces with Mod Podge. Since carefully handling delicate flowers can be time-consuming task, Poor said the activity was put on for those 13 and older.

“[The craft can be for] people who may want to do some pretty or nice decorations in their home and maybe they don’t know what to decorate with, how to [decorate], or maybe they can’t afford a lot of stuff,” said Poor. “They now have something that they can make in various size jars and candles.”

Crystal Hicks, an event attendee, said the Mason jar tea lights project is similar to other activities she has done at the library.

Hicks said she enjoys going to library craft events because they are easier than creating the handmade objects at home.

Poor said the craft can be relatively inexpensive, with the Mason jar being the most costly part of the project.

“You want to try and make sure that you have some [Mason jars] that don’t have a lot of writing so it’s clear,” said Poor.

The Mason jar tea lights can be customized. Participants did not stick to one way of decorating and could use stickers, scrapbook paper, newspaper clippings, and more.

Poor said the project can be tedious. While putting the flowers on is simple and fast, she said, waiting for the Mod Podge to dry can take some time.

Sherry Vaughan, an event attendee, said she found the tea lights to be easier than the last craft activity she did at the library.

“I think it’s fun. The last one was a little hard,” said Vaughn. “This one you don’t have to think about too much. It’s pretty fun.”

Vaughan said she plans to do the project again at home, but she is hopes to put her own spin on it by adding different lights to various jars she has at home.

“It’s easy to do. It’s not going to cost a lot of money and it’s going to be cute,” said Vaughan.

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