Tahlequah police have arrested a local man for being in actual physical control of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

Bobby McLemore was arrested Saturday morning after Officer Sam Jackson found him passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle at First and Muskogee. McLemore initially told Jackson he was just tired, but a strong odor of alcohol was coming from McLemore's breath.

Virginia Yanez said Friday vandals knocked a front driver's side window out of her vehicle.

Christopher Bigby reported his vehicle keyed Friday.

Mary White, 59, was arrested last Monday for DUI. She was arrested after a crash and agreed to take a blood test.

Lana Anderson, 41, was arrested Sunday for DUI.

Rick Ensminger said Monday he was spit on and physically assaulted. He said he slapped the suspect and began hitting and spitting blood on him. She allegedly hit Ensminger before he slapped her.

Staff at Advance Auto Repair filed a report Saturday, alleging four vehicles in their shop were broken into during the night, and stereo equipment was taken. The vehicles belonged to Leslie Womack, Anne Lawless, Becky Foster and Rachelle Rose.

Samantha Vollintine told police Monday that she has been harassed and threatened.

A 17-year-old girl filed a report with police Sunday, stating some compact discs were taken from her vehicle while it was parked at Wal-Mart.

Jean Gilmore called officers Saturday to report an attempted break-in. A screen on a window as bent and pushed out, reports state.

Jamie Denton filed a report Saturday, stating she was threatened while at the junior high football field today.

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