Cherokee County sheriff’s deputies arrested a man Saturday after taking a vandalism report.

Jason Young, 31, was arrested for public intoxication and malicious injury to private property, as well as outstanding warrants.

Timra A. Gibson called deputies to report her vehicle’s windows had been busted out. When deputies arrived, Young fled on foot but was apprehended.

Deputies responded to Armstrong Bank on State Highway 82 Friday after an employee reported a juvenile trying to cash a forged check. According to the report, a 16-year-old juvenile was arrested after the bank employee called the owner of the check, David Copeland, who said the check had been stolen. The boy told the bank employee the $5,000 check was back pay for wages earned and payment for a motorcycle Copeland had purchased.

Copeland told deputies he did not write the check, and upon arrival to the bank, also told employees the boy – his 16-year-old son-in-law – did not have permission to be driving the victim’s truck. The juvenile was arrested for knowingly concealing stolen property, uttering a forged instrument and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. He was released to his sister.

Lisa Farrow reported three boxes of LP vinyl records stolen from her residence between July 8-15.

Richard L. Eagan reported a missing check from his checkbook.

Millie Vance told deputies July 16 her mailbox had been smashed, and her mail scattered on the ground. Vance said the incident marked the third time in a week her mailbox had been vandalized.

Jennifer Puckett told deputies last Wednesday a man pushed her in the chest and then pushed her to the ground.

Mark Kinsey told deputies last Wednesday his ex-wife had broken into his home.

Walter Eugene Maher told deputies Saturday, while sitting on his porch, a man in a truck tried to shoot him. The man also allegedly made threats to Maher and members of his family.

Ronnie Jones told deputies last Thursday that a man got involved in an argument with Jones’ wife outside his residence. Jones said when he went outside to intervene, the man pulled a shotgun from a nearby truck and aimed it at Jones’ chest. Jones said he grabbed the gun, pointed it away, and struggled with the man to get the gun away. A female suspect exited the vehicle and tried to hit Jones with a flashlight, but Jones said he took the flashlight and used it to hit the male suspect over the head, knocking him to the ground. A second male exited the vehicle and took the shotgun, putting it back in the truck.

The female and second male returned to the vehicle, and when the first male suspect got up and attempted to retrieve the gun again, the second male took it away. The suspect then got in his truck and drove away, according to the report. Jones’ wife told deputies she had seen the truck drive by their house every day for about a week.

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