Cherokee County sheriff’s deputies seized 154 marijuana plants near Welling Monday.

Chief Investigator Jason Chennault said the plants were located inside a house. No arrests have been made, but Chennault is seeking an arrest warrant from the district attorney for cultivation of marijuana. Chennault said he, Sheriff’s Deputy John E. Wofford and Reserve Deputy Chantz Jackson seized the plants, 12 of which were 8 inches or taller. The others were smaller, and all were in growing type pots. Chennault said deputies found water, fertilizer, soil, fans and lights around the marijuana plants.

In an unrelated matter, James Leslie Hughes, 35, was arrested by Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Hitchcock Saturday for aggravated assault and battery after allegedly physically assaulting Janice Harrell at Tenkiller Harbor. Private citizens took Harrell to Big Red’s restaurant in Keys, where emergency medical services personnel tended to her. She was bloody and bruised and her eyes were swollen shut, Hitchcock’s report states.

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