A man who was caught shoplifting three times at a Mississippi Walmart was arrested for shoplifting at the same store in Tahlequah last week.

Tahlequah Police Officer Josh Girdner was called to Walmart on May 30 on a complaint of a man and woman shoplifting. Asset protection assistants said they saw the couple enter the store and take items.

"The woman was seen handing the man a pair of women's underwear, and he then concealed them on himself," said Girdner. "Once the two completed shopping, they walked to the self-checkout registers, where she was seen handing him several items without scanning them."

Once they were confronted outside of the store, the man ran toward the intersection of South Muskogee Avenue and Rayne Street.

Sgt. Jason Girdner found Jacob Christie across the street at Burger King and took him back to Walmart.

"Once Christie arrived, I asking why he ran, and he stated he didn't want to go to jail," said Girdner.

Officers found out Christie had previously been caught shoplifting three different times in Mississippi Walmarts and was banned from those stores.

The woman was issued a citation for petit larceny, and Christie was taken to the Cherokee County Detention Center, where she was charged with larceny of merchandise from retailer and trespassing.

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