A man and a woman were found sleeping in a creek near Water Street.

On July 11, Tahlequah Police Officer Cory Keele was looking for someone suspected of theft when he saw the intoxicated couple. He woke the man and told him to stand up. Corey Christie started to act belligerent and tried to hit the officer. Elizabeth Ishcomer had to have assistance when walking to the patrol car. Both were taken to the city jail.

Anthony Drywater was arrested on July 12 after he threaten to burn down his father's house and cut off his ankle monitor. Officer Shawn Presley was called 217 Workman Court and met with Drywater and his father. Doyle Drywater said his son was drunk and saying he was going to burn down his house.

Trenton Grass was in the intersection of Fourth Street and Muskogee Avenue with his shoes and socks off and apparently intoxicated. On July 10, Officer Presley was called to investigate a fight near Taco Bell, and he could hear Grass screaming. The suspect was arrested and taken to city jail.

On July 10, Officer Chase Reed was called to 407 W. Allen Road to assist EMS with a man who would not get out of the ambulance. The Northeastern Health System EMS employee said they were summoned on a report of a seizure. Bruce Willoughby got in the vehicle and asked for a ride to the hospital. He was arrested for public drunk.

A verbal fight broke out at Buffalo Wild Wings after a man called someone the "N" word on July 7. A woman told officers her friend bought everyone a drink at the bar and the man came up and used the derogatory term. Officer William Robertson spoke to Charles Bentley, who started the incident and was apparently drunk, and ask him if someone was there who could give him a ride home. Bentley said he left his phone at home and no one was there to take him home. He was arrested for public drunk.