Court Report

Warranty Deeds

Julie Lynne Merchant Duncan to Kenneth James Merchant.

Billy R. Pickrell to William Joseph Calhoon.

Jordan Henley Smith to Warren A. Ragsdale.

Matthew Alan Jones to Billy L. Ford.

Derek Allen Gawf to Derek Allen Gawf Revocable Trust.


Wamoua Lee and Sheng H. Lee v. Francine Rozell - quiet title.


Cierra Janine Floyd v. Shawn Farron Floyd.


Shane Whitney Dominick, 40, Tahlequah, and Christina Dawn Kirk, 30, Tahlequah.

Benjamin Lee Griffith, 36, Cassoday, and Abigail Diane Davis, 38, Cassoday.

Traffic Report

Kevin M. Lantz - taxes due state.

Jimmie Michelle FIte - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Trenton Howard Jordan - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Brittany Lynn Liggins - speeding 11-14 mph over.

Ronald Lee Gomes - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Tracy Erin Barne - speeding 1-10 mph over.

John Robert Deshazer - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Judith Gail Parrish - no driver's license and taxes due state.

Brandon Mitchell Thorne - no seat belt.

Mattie Lin Byrd - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Cassie Nicole Goodnight - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Angelita Stephanie Ford - speeding 16-20 mph over.

Melaine Morgan McHenry - speeding 15 mph over.

Joe Marvin Whitehead - expired registration, no security verification, and no driver's license.

Aubrie Louise Chandler - inattentive driving resulting in collision and no security verification.

Micky Lee Birdtail - driving under suspension.

Scott Michael Lowry - speeding 11-14 mph over.

Trenton Howard Jordan - no seat belt.

David Allen Webster - driving under suspension.

Heather R. Willis - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Caisen Hunter Green - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Kevin Dale Dollison - speeding 1-10 mph over and no driver's license.

Deshunna Nicole Crook - speeding 16-20 mph over.

Cebastain V. Olvera - no driver's license and no child restraint.

Kuron Semaj Daniels - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Max Anthony Jones - speeding 11-14 mph over.

Roberto Azael Flores-Olivas - speeding 11-14 mph over.

Michael Anderson Gray - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Cody Tyler Horlick - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Sandra Juliane Perry - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Charity Kay Hamby - speeding 21-25 mph over and fail to notify Department of Public Safety of address change.

Ethan Wayne Charles - speeding 16-20 mph over and driving under suspension.

Brandy Leigh Oaks - speeding 16-20 mph over.

Kiah Eli Goff - speeding 26-30 mph over.

Rachel Jaynene Pruitt - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Wendi M. Watson - failure to stop at stop sign.

Michael Fisher Taylor - speeding 31-35 mph over and no security verification.

Viliami Ikahihfo - speeding 15 mph over.

Kaley Eden Coiner - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Laura Beth Simmons - no seat belt.

Graeme Barton Pursley - no seat belt and taxes due state.

Colton Wesley Rogers - no security verification.

Shayna Rose Rogers - failure to yield from stop sign.

Chelsea Deann Willhite - improper passing.

Autumn Nicole Jay - speeding 15 mph over.

Jacob Alvin Morris - no seat belt.

Lisa Mary F. Turner - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Fire Runs

Nov. 19

Tahlequah FD: 12:52 p.m., MVA, North Seven Mile Road and Highway 62.

Lowrey FD: 4:48 p.m., wildfire, North Shiloh Road.

Nov. 20

Lowrey FD: 4:39 a.m., MVA, North 495 Road.

Tahlequah FD: 5:09 a.m., alarm, 21925 Sequoyah Club Drive.

Tahlequah FD: 7:54 a.m., structure fire, 854 W. Keetoowah Street.

Lowrey FD: 8:13 a.m., medical emergency, North 495 Road.

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