Court Report

Warranty Deeds

Tamira Nave to Veronica Mae Davis.

Robert Aaron Dupriest to Leah Daniels.

JTSB Investments, LLC to Taylor Brown.


Caleb Tucker Whitekiller - public intoxication.


Devin R. Gordon v. Title to motor vehicle - issuance of title.

Bernard Chuba v. Title to boat - issuance of title.

James Erwin Jones v. Title to boat - issuance of title.

Lee Baltzer v. Title to motor vehicle - issuance of title.

R.M. Rentals v. Title to mobile home - issuance of title.

Johnny Price v. Title to motor vehicle - issuance of title.

Nicholas Sinni v. Title to motorcycle - issuance of title.

Protective Order

Haleigh Reagan Reed-Christie, Trent Allen Reed, and K.J. v. William Aaron Jumper.

Kiley Christie v. William Aaron Jumper.

Traffic Report

Juan C. Chacha-Torche - failure to have driver's license in immediate possession and failure to stop at red light.

Danthony S. Tucker - speed not reasonable and proper.

Lewis A. Sierra - speeding 16-20 mph over.

Scott Wiliam Veron - speeding 21-25 mph over.

Oliva Ann N. Dorle-McKinney - no driver's license, no security verification, and no seat belt.

Jennifer Nicole Denney - no seat belt.

Rochelle E. Locust - speeding not reasonable and proper.

Grady W. Reimer - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Lindsey E. Mayse - no seat belt.

Johnny Lutz - no seat belt.

Easten Arai Bartholomew - no seat belt and speeding 1-10 mph over.

William Allen Stefani Cabrea - no seat belt.

Christopher Dalton Lee - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Brent Wayne Kellogg - speeding 15 mph over, driving under revocation, and material improperly placed on vehicle windows.

Cynthia Lyons-no seat belt.

Linda Kay Lewis - speeding 16-20 mph over.

Lance Carrigan Reynolds - speeding 21-25 mph over.

Taylor Keith Mann - driving under suspension.

Brandon C. Zamarripa - speeding 26-30 mph over.

Kirk Lee Powell - improper passing.

Holli Lynn Hamby - no seat belt.

Randy Preston Ellis - speeding 16-20 mph over.

Joshua Roger Eubanks - no seat belt.

Charity Delane Convirs - no seat belt.

Richard Ross Robbins - material improperly placed on vehicle windows.

Michael Paul Metzger - no seat belt.

Jacob Wayne Holloway - no seat belt.

Michael John Criss - no seat belt and speeding 11-14 mph over.

Aaron David Brown - no seat belt.

Jess Brandon Lane Spence - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Mackenzie Baker Alyea - no seat belt.

Rodrigo Garcia - no seat belt.

Ernest Myles Russell Jr. - no seat belt.

Johnny R. Richie - no security verification.

Jimmy Don Burton - failure to yield while turning.

Christy Annette Bise - no seat belt.

Bradley Jordan Eagle Tate - following too closely.

Ethan Wayne Charles - no seat belt.

Chance Scott Weir - speed not reasonable and proper.

Pau Khan Mang - speeding 16-20 mph over.

Anna Louise Gifford - no security verification and expired registration.

Zachery Allen Leforce - taxes due state.

Bobby Lynn Jones Jr. - failure to stop at stop sign.

Kylee Lynne Gower - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Christopher Roger Schoenfeld - no seat belt.

Brandy Fields - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Paul Benjamin Karleskint - taxes due state.

Cassandra McWilliams - no seat belt.

Cristian Anjel Guerrero - improper headlights.

Sara Martinez - no child support.

Winston Eugene Combs - no seat belt.

Zamora Franco Moises - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Zackery David Walker - speed not reasonable and proper, no security verification, and driving under suspension.

Zachary Austin Anderson - no security verification.

Joel Carl Scott - taxes due state and violation of license restrictions.

Daniel L. Martin - taxes due state.

Frank Jerry Ponder - speeding 11-14 mph over.

David Paul Butts - speeding 16-20 mph over.

Kelby Ross Lenard - no seat belt.

Tyler Marshal Griffis - no seat belt.

Charles Mikel Hughart - speeding 21-25 mph over.

Cailyn Nicole Cheater - speeding 15 mph over.

Miled Anthony Jabor - speeding 16-20 mph over.

Tyler Joseph Salcido - speeding 15 mph over.

Katelen Leshae Mize - speeding 16-20 mph over.

Christian Dale Kaiser - no seat belt.

James Walter Culwell IV - no seat belt.

Aurelio Rocha-no seat belt.

Karen Leighanne Corson - no seat belt.

Samuel C. Burnham - no seat belt.

Tonya M. Thackeray - no seat belt.

Rodney Brian Foster - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Rita R. Seymour - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Kristien N. Robinson - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Aurelio Rocha - material improperly placed on vehicle windows.

Rande Dawn Taylor - failure to stop at red light.

Donald Lippert - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Jesse Lee Haeberle - material improperly placed on vehicle windows and speeding 1-10 mph over.

Jay C. Fox - no seat belt.

Patrick Wayne Herriman - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Caleb Robert Barker - speeding 16-20 mph over.

James Edward Drake Martin - speeding 26-30 mph over.

Sheila Lynn Gulley - speeding 16-20 mph over.

Faith Maryann Russell - left of center in no passing zone.

Zachary Wyatt Stone - speeding 26-30 mph over.

Kyrsten Chandler - no personal flotation device available.

Marlene E. King - speeding 26-30 mph over.

Glen Otis Baker - speeding 16-20 mph over and no seat belt.

Jimmie Wayne Willis - speeding 15 mph over.

Robert Lawrence Cruise - speeding 11-14 mph over.

James Bryon Gale - failure to keep in proper lane.

Fire Runs

July 9

Tahlequah FD: 9:50 a.m., EMS assist, 684 Stonebrook Drive.

Tahlequah FD: 9:58 a.m., structure fire, 19144 E. 801 Road.

Death Notices

JONES, Claudean, 88, Inola, homemaker. Died July 5. Funeral services, July 8, Reed-Culver Chapel. Laid to rest at Citizen's Cemetery. Visitation, July 7 at Reed-Culver Funeral Home.

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