Court Report

Warranty Deeds

Jerry S. Moore to Charles Wayne Bailey.

David Haddock to David Haddock.

Apollo Enterprises, LLC to Michael Clay Davis.

Don Ray McClellan Jr. to Billy J. Killian Jr.

William Colton Cheek to Isaiah E. Martinez.

Southern Eagle Enterprises, LLC to Buddy Leonard Spradlin Jr.

Charles B. Travis to Lucas Landaverde.

H and C Holdings, LLC to Kristy Reese.


James Brandon Schutkesting - second-degree burglary and uttering a forged instrument.

Summer Marie Taulbee - driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Stephanie Lynn Elpers - child neglect and obstructing an officer.

Michael Alan Sohn - child neglect.


Alfredo Alvarado - possession of marijuana and operate vehicle with any material or object so placed as to OBST.

Britney Brehon - uttering a forged instrument.

Douglas Jay Simmons - leaving scene of accident involving damage and operate vehicle with defective equipment or unsafe conditions.


Velocity Investments, LLC v. Gloria S. Houston - indebtedness.

Credit Bureau Serv Assoc. v. Derek Bidtail - indebtedness.

Credit Bureau Serv Assoc. v. Wilson Vann - indebtedness.

Small Claims

Marcia Christine Cotton v. Aubrey Zaal and Tyler Zaal - entry and detainer.

Armstrong Bank v. Bryan Lee Goodnight and Stacia R. Goodnight - petition for judgment.

Armstrong Bank v. Tyler Jamison Eisensmith and Faith M. Eisensmith - petition for judgment.

Armstrong Bank v. Colton Allen Peace - petition for judgment.

Armstrong Bank v. Stephanie Whaler - petition for judgment.

Armstrong Bank v. Taylor Nicole Pierce - petition for judgment.

Protective Order

Jerry Hammack Sr. V. Jerry Edward Hammack Jr.


Paula Kay Hampton v. Larry Ray Roy.


Hunter Owen Jennings Sturges, 24, Tahlequah, and Natalie Rose Walker, 22, Park Hill.

Summit Evan Murray, 20, Gore, and Jolei Anna Henson, 19, Porum.

Hunter Garrett Wallace, 26, Park Hill, and Delaney Renee Patterson, 22, Grove.

Justin Lane Fort, 22, Tahlequah, and Dixie Ann Capps, 21, Hulbert.

Traffic Report

Lisa Michelle Cole - speeding 16-20 mph over.

Adrian Marquelle Sanders - defective brakes, driving under suspension, affixing improper license plate to vehicle, failure to register used vehicle within 30 days, no child restraint.

Samantha Danae Christie - failure to keep right on road of sufficient width.

Stephanie Dobbins Gray - driving left of center in marked zone.

Julian Michael Franklin - no seat belt.

Amanda Don Ballard - no seat belt.

Samuel Estrada - no driver's license.

David A. Stratton - no seat belt.

Bradley Lee Hanson - transport manufactured home without permit.

Daron Earl Branch - transport manufactured home without permit.

Dylan Dewaine Kirkland - open container alcohol.

Bradley Burwell Cox - driving under suspension and no seat belt.

Mason Brooke McCandless - speeding 16-20 mph over.

Glenn Dale Hamby - driving under suspension and no seat belt.

Jamie Nicole Spain-Wray - speeding 15 mph over.

Dylan Malachi Goodman - taxes due state.

Bailey Makae Smith - speeding 15 mph over.

Ashley Ann Fain - failure to stop at stop sign.

Hector Jimenez-Arroyo - speeding 16-20 mph over.

Trey Tyler Varnell - no security verification.

Kenlee McKay Stopp - display wrong tag.

Jesse S. Mattox - no driver's license and no seat belt.

Morgan D. Cook - no seat belt.

Dara D. Young - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Amy Michelle Dark - no security verification.

Taren Matthew Mercell - no seat belt.

Bruce Fisher - operating a motor vehicle without a current license plate.

Mackenzie L. Mize - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Jackie Lynn McCoy - speeding 15 mph over.

Linda Kay Holloway - no seat belt.

Damon Isaiah McGinnis - material improperly placed on vehicle windows.

Diana Lynn Sanders - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Sheena Deann Lawson - speeding 11-14 mph over.

Sydney Jo Ritter - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Gordon Scott Whittmore - no seat belt.

Audrey Nicole Raby-Sonnenberg - no seat belt.

Amber Nicole Kelly - no seat belt.

Brian Christopher Muck - no seat belt.

Christie Deann Callaway - failure to signal and driving under revocation.

Jessica Lynn McLemore - material improperly placed on vehicle windows.

Jennifer Lynn Rider - speeding 15 mph over.

Ausencio Nathaniel Smallen - no driver's license.

Meri Elizabeth Dallis - no seat belt.

Shelly Self - no seat belt.

Colton Ryan Webster - no seat belt.

Randal Scott Sunday - no seat belt.

Beau Allen Cain - no seat belt.

Vince Alan Feeling - no seat belt.

Dianna Louise Turtle - no seat belt.

Christopher James Kinkead - taxes due state.

Joshua Linn Bailey - no security verification.

Brandon Leigh Taulbee - failure to yield from county road.

Jonathan Lee Crittenden - speeding 16-20 mph over.

Timothy Dwight Robbins - speeding 16-20 mph over.

Corey Layne Robinson - no seat belt.

Travis Clint Foley - speeding 21-25 mph over.

Breanne Nicole Taylor - speeding not reasonable and proper.

Emilio Jaramillo - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Kelen Dalton Brown - no seat belt.

Luther Cameron Rhoades - material improperly placed on vehicle windows.

Tina Renay Scott - speeding 16-20 mph over.

Fire Runs

July 30

Tahlequah FD: 1:10 p.m., EMS assist, 713 Brentwood Drive.

Tahlequah FD: 8:05 p.m., structure fire, 1150 E. Downing St.

Tahlequah FD: 10:23 p.m., fuel spill, 903 E. Downing St.

Tahlequah FD: 11:20 p.m., structure fire, 1490 N. Lane Ave.

Death Notices

HINKLE, Leona "Kattie", 55, Park Hill, lead shipping consultant. Died July 30. Funeral services, Aug. 4, 2 p.m., Green Country Funeral Home Chapel.

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