Court Report

Warranty Deeds

David A. Carter to Erb M. Kimble.

Gary D. Glynn to Tiger Taylor.

Kevin P. Jones to Martin Covey Smith.


Marcus Alexander Medley - actual physical control of vehicle under the influence.


Xander Jacob White - malicious injury to person property and public intoxication.


Quicken Loans, Inc v. Nikki Lee Benton - foreclosure.

JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition v. Mary Kremmer and MCC Administration Corp. - foreclosure.

Michael Scott Cole v. State of Oklahoma: DPS - driver's license appeal.

Small Claims

Property Solutions Real Estate v. Justin Duane Cantrell and Breanna Nicole Duncan - entry and detainer.

Sally Roberts v. Jonathon Greene and Jasmine Greene - entry and detainer.

Blanca Eligio v Johanna Lopez - entry and detainer.

Protective Orders

Kimber Haddock v. Patricia Daniels.


Sara Reyes v. Manuel Reyes Jr.

Brenda Fullwood v. Stanley Fullwood.


Tasha Skinner v. Dustin Ray Justice - paternity with child support and/or custody.

Fire Runs

Jan. 10

Tahlequah FD: 2:28 p.m., fire alarm, 109 W. Willis Road.

Tahlequah FD: 2:47 p.m., smoke investigation, 912 S. College Ave.

Tahlequah FD: 2:59 p.m., smoke investigation, 18647 S. 525 Road.

Tahlequah FD: 4:05 p.m., water rescue, 707 E. Boone St.

Tahlequah FD: 6:27 p.m., electrical hazard, South Muskogee Avenue and Bertha Parker Bypass.

Jan. 11

Tahlequah FD: 1:03 a.m., fire alarm, 1400 Hensley Drive.

Tahlequah FD: 7:22 a.m., fire alarm, 950 Main Parkway.

Tahlequah FD: 9:20 a.m., fire alarm, 950 Main Parkway.

Tahlequah FD: 12:32 p.m., MVA, North Cedar Avenue and Bertha Parker Bypass.

Tahlequah FD: 10:18 p.m., fire alarm, 950 Main Parkway.

Jan. 12

Tahlequah FD: 6:26 a.m., electrical hazard, 1002 S. Muskogee Ave.

Tahlequah FD: 6:24 p.m., EMS assist, 707 E. Downing St.

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