Man arrestedfor settingtruck on fire


Deputies arrested a Tahlequah man after he set a truck on fire.

On July 8, Cherokee County Sheriff Deputy Justin Gifford was dispatched to 13605 State Highway 82, where he met with Barbara Boston. She said Stephen Thompson was at her house earlier that night, looking for her daughter, and was told she owes him $120. Boston said he was very angry with her and she told him to leave.

Around 5 a.m., Boston woke up to see her daughter’s truck on fire and Thompson driving off in his mother’s white Oldsmobile. She gave Gifford an address where he was possibly going, and deputies located the white vehicle at that house.

Gifford said he observed fresh tire marks in a grassy area where the dew was disturbed. The hood of the car was still warm from being recently driven, and he met with Thompson on the front porch.

Thompson told deputies he was home all night and had not been anywhere. Gifford met with Kay Thompson, and she said her son had driven her car earlier in the night. Gifford told the Thompsons he was looking for someone who set a fire to a vehicle.

Kay asked the deputy who called it in, and when he told her he could not give out that information, she said he should not listen to Boston.

Based off witness statements and physical evidence, Thompson was arrested placed in a patrol car. Gifford said all this was because of $120, which Thompson claims Boston’s daughter owes him. He was booked for arson in the third degree.