A Tahlequah woman was arrested after she was stopped for being drunk and tried to kick officers.

On Aug. 20, Tahlequah Police Officer Robbie Bacon was dispatched to the area of East Goingsnake Street and North Oak Avenue to the report of an intoxicated woman. As he was speaking with Georgina Baldridge, he could smell alcohol coming from her. He said she was also unsteady on her feet, slurred her speech, and her eyes were blood shot and watery. As he was placing handcuffs on her, she became uncooperative and belligerent. Officer Bronson McNiel stepped in to assist when Baldridge tried to resist. She was arrested and tried to kick the officers as they walked her to their patrol unit. While she was transported to the detention center, she attempted to break out the back glass of the patrol unit.

On Aug. 22, Sgt. Bryan Qualls was on patrol on East Downing Street when he saw a man stumble as he walked in the grass. As Qualls approached the man, he could smell a strong odor of alcohol on him and asked if he had been drinking. Michael Limpy said he wasn’t drinking, but his behavior contradicted that claim. He was arrested and taken to city jail for public intoxication.

Eric Long was arrested on Aug. 21 after he was found passed out at 2027 Mahaney Ave. Sgt. Shawn Presley said he had a strong odor of alcohol coming from him and his speech was slurred. Long was arrested and taken to city jail for public intoxication.

On Aug 18, Sgt. Jason Girdner met with Asset Protection officers, who said they watched a man and a woman conceal items in Walmart. The man took a knife from sporting goods and walked to the toy section, where he removed the barcode. He put the knife in a suitcase he had brought with him to the store. The suspect denied that he stole the knife until Girdner confronted him, and the suspect began to cry. He was issued a citation for shoplifting and banned from the store.

Lt. Steve Arnall arrested a woman after she stole a pair of sunglasses from Walmart. On Aug. 20, Asset Protection officers said they saw Shaney Dawn Keys conceal the $12.88 item and leave the store without paying. She was charged with petit larceny.

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